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In ignorance of Afrikan philosophy, its body of knowledge and its principles, people of Euro centric cultural background and education assert that the cures offered by the Afrikan Traditional Herbal Medicine Practitioner has, in most cases, no connection, relevance and effect on the unless that is being treated.

"The Afrikan plant medicine was more developed than any in the world before the disruption of its cultures, philosophy and spirituality. In spite of the tremendous knowledge that was lost, and the fact that Afrikan medicine today does not reflect the best of what earlier doctors knew, the fragments that survived still tell us quite a lot" - (Dr. Finch) - of the power that it reflects or carry in the healing phenomenon. In the light of Afrikan philosophy in medical practice and application of medicines in all types of diseases or illnesses, all 'medicines' are "placebos", that is powerless in themselves, and effective only in connection with the genuine power of the "Word"...


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